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Living Together

Trends and Transformations of the Modern Couple

The changes that have caused contemporary families to take on new forms need to be investigated according to a wide array of historical, social, interpersonal and subjective factors. What are the new types of family that are emerging? What are the dynamics that characterise their relationships? What are the novel features of new couples? Drawing upon the most advanced scientific literature, this book describes the major issues and challenges that modern couples face and examines their psychological consequences at the individual level: parenthood choices, the decision to forgo having children, sterility, LAT (Living Apart Together) or the decision not to cohabit, domestic violence, prejudice and other differences in intercultural couples, the dynamics of homosexual couples.

Contents: Preface, by A.M. Di Vita. - Introduction: Challenges, Change and Adaptation among Today's Couples. - 1. Contexts of At-Risk Parenthood. - 2. New Typologies of Couples: Involvement and Distance, Transition and Immobility. - 3. The Dynamics of Violent Love. - 4. Intercultural and Homosexual Relationships: Prejudice and Resources. - Bibliographical References.

Alessandra Salerno teaches Theory and Techniques of Family and Couple Dynamics and Theory and Techniques of Clinical Intervention with Families at the University of Palermo.

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