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Protestants, along with Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians, are part of one of the three major components of contemporary Christianity, and yet in many countries little is known about them. The rich internal pluralism that has always characterised Protestantism is especially confusing for Catholics. Lutherans, Reformed Churches, Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostalists: what do they have in common, and how are they different? This volume examines the history and the basic doctrinal principles of Protestantism, highlights its critical and reform-minded insights, and describes Protestants' non-religious efforts in the economy, politics, education and social service. Special emphasis is placed on the more radical and conservative versions of Protestantism.

Massimo Rubboli teaches History of North America at the University of Genova, where he has also taught History of Christianity.

1. Le origini
2. Quale autorità?
3. I principi dottrinali
4. Conseguenze della Riforma
5. Le diramazioni della Riforma
6. Le chiese del Dissenso e del Risveglio
7. Difesa della tradizione e nuovi orientamenti
8. La dimensione mondiale
9. Laicità e libertà nella pluralità
10. I protestanti in Italia
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