Cover What Awaits Us on the Other Side


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pp. 152, Brossura, 978-88-15-29986-4
publication year 2022


What Awaits Us on the Other Side

Hymn to Life

Do questions about the afterlife continue to make any sense? In a society in which death is alternatively repressed or denied – even in our language (of those who die we say, “she’s gone”, “he is no longer with us”) – or sensationalized by a tide of explicit images, what meaning can we possibly attach to “what comes next”? And what can death represent, in its standing as an experience in the reign of eternal life, in today’s Western world, shaped by Christian culture and the grand code of the Bible? A wandering and tireless seeker of meaning, Enzo Bianchi offers us a poetic and non-dogmatic meditation on the most unavoidable of issues and provides an answer focused on love and how it underpins the world and our relationships with others. There is reason for hope, for all humanity, even after our earthly existence. This impassioned and trust-laden book sheds light on death and deprives it of terror.

Enzo Bianchi is the founder of the Bose Monastic Community in northern Italy and was its prior until 2017. He has written texts on Christian spirituality and the Church’s dialogue with contemporary society.

Dutch, French and German rights sold.

I. Sempre più vicina
II. Imparare a morire?
III. Integrare la morte nella vita
IV. Le paure e i fantasmi
V. Gesù ci precede tutti
VI. Desiderare la morte?
VII. So che morirò…
VIII. Venuta l’ora
IX. Morire come Gesù
X. La morte del cristiano
XI. L’amore vince la morte
XII. Il giudizio
XIII. L’inferno
XIV. La vita eterna: il pardès

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