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series "Farsi un'idea"
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publication year 2013


Moral Judgment

A motorist hits a pedestrian and flees without providing aid; a politician uses public funds in an inappropriate manner; risking his life, a man dives into the sea to save a drowning child. Every day we judge people, events, and actions and attempt to distinguish right from wrong. This book explains how people develop one of the basic abilities underlying social life. How do our judging skills arise? How are they tied to cultural and religious environments? Do they have biological roots? Do children's moral evaluations differ from adults'?

Luca Surian teaches Developmental Psychology and Typical and Atypical Neurocognitive Development at the University of Trento.

1. Cosa sono i giudizi morali
2. Universalità e differenze culturali nei giudizi morali
3. Lo sviluppo del giudizio morale
4. Emozioni e sentimenti
5. Linguaggio e giudizi: esiste una grammatica morale?
6. Le radici biologiche del senso morale
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