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The Ice Age

The Ice Age began little more than two and a half million years ago and played a decisive role in shaping today's Earth and in the spread and evolution of living organisms. The weather changes known as glaciation were a distinctive feature of the Quaternary Era and have left many pieces of evidence concerning migrations, adaptations, and evolution: glaciers, rivers, volcanoes, fossils of extinct species such as mammoths and giant hyenas, and the morphology of shorelines. This book offers the reader a fascinating journey that helps understand the relationship between climate and natural history.

Raffaele Sardella is a paleontologist and a research associate at La Sapienza University in Rome, as well as president of the Italian Institute of Human Paleontology.

I. L'era glaciale
II. Studiare il clima del passato
III. All'origine del paesaggio attuale
IV. L'Italia nel Quaternario
V. Tra Africa e Asia: la grande danza in Europa
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