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Cover Beyond States
series "Intersezioni"
"Faustiana, a cura di Aldo Schiavone"
pp. 256, Brossura, 978-88-15-38333-4
publication year 2023


Beyond States

Powers, Peoples and Global Order

None of the great challenges facing us today – the protection of the environment, the rational use of energy sources, the health of our species and, indeed, of all living things – can now be addressed by a single country, no matter how powerful it may be. Awareness of this fact entails the need to think about something that had previously seemed an utter utopia: the prospect of a planetary government stretching well beyond the borders of nation-states, even when the latter tend to take on the form of empires. At the same time, we increasingly encounter expressions such as “international justice”, “supra-territoriality” and “transnational government”, despite the horrors of the war of aggression occurring at Europe’s doorstep. We are growing accustomed to the idea of a global civil society, something like an authentic planetary civilisation. This lucid, realistic and visionary book, written by a major historian, projects readers into an imaginable future – not only for the West, but for an entire world finally at peace with itself.

Anthony Pagden teaches History and Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

World translation rights except English

I. La nascita della nazione
Che cos’è una nazione?
Gli imperi universali.
Dalla nazione allo stato-nazione.
II. Dal nazionale all’internazionale
La legge di natura.
Il diritto universale.
Il mondo creato dai giudici.
Cosmopolitismo giudiziario.
III. Fare mondo
La società dei commerci.
Un pianeta connesso.
Gli stati-azienda.
Verso una nuova società civile.
IV. Federare il genere umano
Re-immaginare la nazione.
La fine dello stato sovrano.
Il rinnovamento.
La federalizzazione del pianeta.
Epilogo. Oltre la Terra
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