The Quest for Rights

An Idea of History

Is it possible to find meaning in human history, an underlying path that guides politics? According to the author, the answer to this question lies in the on-going extension of human rights. Starting in the 18th century, such rights have gradually expanded from traditional civil and political liberties to social rights, and then again to novel civil and environmental rights. Responsibilities have likewise proliferated. This process was rendered possible because, during the 20th century, liberalism and socialism came together in the framework of the democratic state. In a similar way, in today’s globalized world, both must combine with environmentalism in order to address new challenges. The outcome cannot be easily predicted. The author reinterprets human history from this perspective and shows how, to avoid betraying their own principles, liberalism, socialism and environmentalism can and indeed must complement each other.

Emanuele Felice teaches Economics of Culture at the IULM University of Languages and Communication in Milan.

series "Intersezioni"
pp. 350, 978-88-15-29494-4
publication year 2022