Cover First Love
series "Intersezioni"
pp. 248, Brossura, 978-88-15-29178-3
publication year 2021


First Love

One, No One, One Hundred Thousand

Is first love a myth that has faded away, or is it still a meaningful event, even for the younger generations who seem to avoid relationships? How much has it changed in recent years? The author narrates the collective tale of the first loves in which we are all main characters, authors, and spectators. Readers can thus re-familiarise with stories in which they have all been involved, drawn from literature, television series, personal experiences, and feelings shared with others. The book highlights the psychological storyline that makes every first love a unique yet repeatable moment: how it is born, the emotions it evokes, the body’s reactions, the difficult choices, how and why it ends. It is said that you only have one first love, but today we could say that we have many first loves, and they resist tenaciously, both shaping and subverting our imagination.

Umberta Telfener is an epistemologist, a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

Prologo. Un messaggio al lettore
Parte prima: Le storie che ci abitano
I. Dal Dottor Živago a Normal People
Parte seconda: Le storie che abbiamo abitato
II. Il racconto dei racconti
Parte terza: Le trame del primo amore
III. Innamorarsi
IV. L’incontro
V. Le domande dell’amore
VI. La costruzione dell’intimità
VII. Il corpo che parla
VIII. I primi amori leggono il futuro o guardano al passato?
IX. Fraintendimenti, abbandono, sofferenza amorosa
X. Come, quando finisce?
Epilogo. Ancora un messaggio al lettore
Bibliografia e filmografia del primo amore