Cover Hong Kong
series "Intersezioni"
pp. 376, Brossura, 978-88-15-29117-2
publication year 2021


Hong Kong

A borderland, a hub connecting different worlds and cultures, Hong Kong is a dream, born of a love match between East and West. It is a restless city, often cruel and ruthless, yet capable of winning us over with its hidden charm and its aura of oriental magic. This never conventional story retraces Hong Kong’s streets and its ideal history, unveils characters and events from the city’s past, but also describes its dramatic present, marked by its difficult and controversial relationship with the Chinese motherland and the clash of two divergent views of capitalism. An unfinished city-state, Hong Kong is an outpost suspended between China and Europe.

Marco Lupis, a journalist at the Huffington Post, worked for many years as a war reporter and Hong Kong correspondent for major Italian newspapers and Italian public television.

English TOC and sample chapter available.

Nota dell’autore
Prologo. Una mattina a Sai Ying Pun
Parte prima: Nove draghi, mille isole
I. Il Porto profumato
II. Mille isole
III. La città liquida
IV. Il Grande vento
V. Nove draghi
Parte seconda: Briciole d’impero
VI. Dall’oppio ai grattacieli
VII. La città sotterranea
VIII. In piedi anche da morti
IX. Hong Kong noir
X. Piccolo drago
XI. Tempo scaduto
XII. I tram di Victoria
Parte terza: Oriente o occidente?
XIII. Suzie Wong non abita più qui
XIV. La follia del denaro
XV. Poesia del cemento armato
XVI. Peste, SARS e COVID-19
XVII. «Be water!»: la rivolta di Hong Kong
XVIII. La città sospesa
Epilogo. Ogni uomo ha un’isola
Indice dei luoghi e delle cose notevoli