Cover Individual Action and International Order
series "Collezione di testi e di studi"
pp. 640, Brossura, 978-88-15-27809-8
publication year 2018


Individual Action and International Order


What is the relationship between ordinary people, men and women who do not hold positions of authority, and international affairs? To what extent and in what ways do individuals’ actions influence war and peace, the links between the economy and international politics and, more generally, the ties connecting different social groups? How are those actions, different countries’ cultural traditions, and states’ foreign policies associated? To address these questions one needs to look beyond the mere role of elites: the ruling classes interact, often in very complex ways, with a variety of individuals not belonging to the narrow circles of power. This book offers a novel point of view and an original theoretical outlook for exploring how individual deeds and interactions between individuals affect events that appear distant from everyday life. The author helps readers understand the complicated processes governing international affairs.

Angelo Panebianco teaches Geopolitics and International Relations at the University of Bologna.

I. La microfondazione
II. L'azione
III. Gruppi, istituzioni, reticoli
IV. L'ordine sociale (I)
V. L'ordine sociale (II)
VI. «All politics is local». Ali di farfalla e terremoti
VII. Identità che cambiano, lealtà che fluttuano
VIII. L'ordine internazionale (I)
IX. L'ordine internazionale (II)
X. Vestfalia e cos'altro?
XI. Per terra o per fede. Nazioni e religioni
XII. «Homo oeconomicus» versus «homo politicus»
XIII. Il dio della guerra e i piccoli grandi uomini
XIV. Fra padelle e braci. Autoritarismi e rivoluzioni
XV. Democrazia e pace democratica
XVI. Dilemmi democratici
Conclusioni. Appunti per una storiografia del presente
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