Cover Life and Days
series "Intersezioni"
pp. 144, Brossura, 978-88-15-27364-2
publication year 2018


Life and Days

On Old Age

According to the author, old age is a difficult art: we need to learn to slowly loosen our grip, relinquish control over the world and things, and have the courage to abandon what we have been. Old age is a full period of life that makes us light and free, because it brings to the fore the reality of our fragile existence, the transient nature of our time on Earth that, at least for Christians, leads to a sole final destination, our struggle with a body that progressively deteriorates and betrays us. The author offers an ode to limits in an age of excess, and accompanies the reader on a voyage that shuns sorrow based on “nostalgia for the future” and features a generous display of trust towards the younger generations.

Enzo Bianchi is the founder of the Bose Monastic Community, of which he was prior until 2017, and has written extensively about Christian spirituality and the Roman Catholic Church’s tradition of dialogue with contemporary society. 

More than 45,000 copies sold in Italy.

French, Spanish (world), Catalan, Portuguese and Dutch rights sold. 

I. Età e stagioni della vita
II. Paure
III. I segni dell'invecchiare
IV. La vecchiaia nel «grande codice»
V. Prepararsi
VI. Lasciare la presa e ricordare
VII. Natura, cucina e sessualità
VIII. Leggere, scrivere, ascoltare, vedere
IX. Senesco
X. Diario della vecchiaia