Cover Mathematics and Us
series "Intersezioni"
"Raccontare la matematica"
pp. 232, Brossura, 978-88-15-26733-7
publication year 2017


Mathematics and Us

Having Fun with a Challenging Subject

Confusion, annoyance, anxiety, sometimes pride in never having understood it: many of us experience these feelings about mathematics. Why so we react his way? Our brain is naturally equipped to speak, to help us move around productively in our environment. It’s not so apt at reading, writing and thinking about mathematics. In order to get it to address math, the brain must be subjected to coercive and complex neural manoeuvres. So is mathematics an “unnatural” science, far removed from common sense? This book is a journey between the furrows of our mind and the mathematical creations (from algebra to geometry to probability) seeking to sow something. After having read this book, the reader perhaps will understand why math is perceived as difficult” and how to overcome these difficulties: mathematics, if properly explained, can become pleasant and even exciting.

Laura Catastini formerly taught Mathematics and Physics in upper secondary schools and has conducted research on the relationship between neuroscience and teaching math. She currently works at Tor Vergata University in Rome.