Cover Venice Lives
series "Intersezioni"
pp. 220, Brossura, 978-88-15-26730-6
publication year 2017


Venice Lives

From the Present to the Future and Vice Versa

Venice has been described by ancient thinkers and Romantics, as well as contemporaries who keep telling us about the melancholy and inexorable decline of a city populated by ghosts and swarming with hordes of hit-and-run tourists. But Venice can also be revealed in a different way: all one needs to do is look at the crowd of workers that pour into the city every day and are committed to building a new Venice, grounded in art and knowledge. Young people are engaged in economic sectors related to contemporary art and new technologies; cultural tourism is drawn to innovative exhibitions and performances; a new stream of intellectuals visit Venice and stay there for extended periods. The author sheds light on a Venice that is experiencing non-stop renovation and experimentation, thus attracting investors willing to restore the Sea Customs House, the Rialto Bridge or the Accademia Bridge. This is a non-conformist Venice where contemporary art culture, fostered by the Biennale, is the key to the future.

Angela Vettese heads the Visual Arts degree programme at the IUAV University in Venice and, since 2016, the annual ArteFiera art fair in Bologna.

I. Vedere Venezia
Come guardarla?
Accarezzarla camminando
Avanti e indietro nel tempo
II. I sestieri
La logica urbana
Santa Croce
San Marco e San Polo
III. «De tera e de mar»
Acqua alta
La persistenza della laguna
Oltre l'isola
IV. Extravaganze
Tra invenzioni e proteste
Orgoglio e distrazione
Costruire alla chetichella
V. La cultura della cultura
La Biennale come dispositivo di rinascita urbana
L'onda anomala del turismo
Venezia come ambasciata
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Indice dei nomi
Indice dei luoghi