Cover The Lombards
series "Universale Paperbacks il Mulino"
"Popoli e civiltà"
pp. 128, Brossura, 978-88-15-25989-9
publication year 2015


The Lombards

The Lombard Age stretches from the sixth to the eleventh century and features a 200-year kingdom based in the Northern-Central part of the Italian peninsula and a lengthy extension of that domination among Southern principalities until the Norman conquest. It was a significant era in the history of Italy, for it marked the initial political fragmentation of the peninsula, after centuries of Rome-supported unity, and left an important legacy in various areas, including the self-identity of individual regions. The persistence of a Lombard memory in Italy has recently manifested itself in the recognition of a protected serial site in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list. This book, written by a renowned specialist, offers readers a history of the Lombards in a new, up-to-date version that includes novel interpretations stemming from recent archaeological findings.

Claudio Azzara teaches Medieval History at the University of Salerno.

I. La nascita della stirpe
II. Dalla Scandinavia alla Pannonia
III. L'invasione dell'Italia
IV. Forme d'insediamento e organizzazione del territorio
V. La costruzione del regno
VI. L'VIII secolo: apogeo e rovina
VII. Il ducato di Spoleto
VIII. La «Longobardia» meridionale
IX. I longobardi nella storia d'Italia
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