Cover City Art
series "Saggi"
pp. 188, Brossura, 978-88-15-25802-1
publication year 2015


City Art

Philosophy, Nature, Architecture

Ancient and modern styles of architecture, bold volumetric use of space, views of ineffable beauty: these are some of the things we experience when we explore metropolitan cities, large urban centres and small towns. Just as humanity succeeds in shaping and creating landscapes in the countryside through the art of farming, there exists a city art that expresses itself with both physical and immaterial means, in stones and institutions, as a product of ingenuity, human labour, artists, city planners, simple workers, inhabitants, and their political representatives. City art is the end result of an ideal and collective effort, as well as practical action in space, that is shaped by social groups as they evolve. This book helps the reader discover city art as a living expression of history, culture and creativity.

Raffaele Milani teaches Aesthetics at the University of Bologna and heads the City Research Laboratory at the same university’s Institute of Advanced Studies.

I. La città come luogo dell'abitare
1. Prima della città: i miti di fondazione
2. Le forme della città
3. La seduzione dell'antico
4. La natura del paesaggio urbano
5. Oltre il simbolo: desolazione e inferno
II. Che cos'è la città
1. L'idea di città
2. Sulla metafora
3. Città, giardino, paesaggio
4. Limiti e contorni
5. Fisionomie dell'emozione
III. L'arte della città
1. Bellezza e stereotipo edilizio
2. La disputa tra conservatori e post-modernisti
3. Il tramonto della città
4. Perdita del centro
5. L'habitat territoriale nell'epoca della globalizzazione
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