Cover On the Road
series "Universale Paperbacks il Mulino"
pp. 160, 978-88-15-25170-1
publication year 2014


On the Road

A Short History of Migration

Territorial mobility has always been a human prerogative. Migrations have allowed species to spread among the continents and been a powerful engine of progress. This new augmented edition describes the history of migrations, from the waves of advancement of peoples into empty or sparsely settled lands to the contemporary era's mass movements, and identifies the conditions that have determined migrating groups' success or failure. Over the centuries many policies have deeply influenced the nature of migrations, modifying states' rules of entry and exit in a system that currently aggravates the conflict of interests expressed by countries of origin, countries of destination, and the migrants themselves. Since there are no internationally agreed-upon norms, for states have refused to surrender even a small part of their sovereignty, the positive function of migrations in the development of society has been put at risk.

Massimo Livi Bacci teaches Demography at the University of Florence and is a member of the Italian Senate.

English, Spanish and German rights sold.

I. L'onda di avanzamento e le migrazioni lente
II. Selezione e riproduzione. L'effetto fondatore
III. Spostamenti preordinati
IV. Tre secoli: 1500-1800
V. Un cambio di passo: 1800-1913
VI. L'ultimo secolo: il ciclo s'inverte. 1914-2010
VII. Tre globalizzazioni, le migrazioni e l'affermarsi dell'America
VIII. Tormentato presente, incerto futuro: 2010-2050
IX. In cammino, con ordine
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