Cover To Motivate Is to Succeed
series "Contemporanea"
pp. 272, Brossura, 978-88-15-24521-2
publication year 2013


To Motivate Is to Succeed

What Determines Success

Human resources play a strategic role in the development equation. No society or organization can afford to underestimate individuals' potential, especially in today's world of global competition. But what exactly can spark people's will to engage, inspire them to take a challenge, feed their passion for innovation, and support their motivation to grow? Why do some people get discouraged and give up whereas others, facing the same obstacles, continue the fight and achieve their goals? These are the questions addressed by this book, in which the author deals with the topics of a previous edition, developing and updating the role of motivation as a decisive factor for individual and collective success. "To motivate is to succeed" is the positive message that the author wants to share, especially now that managing the economic crisis requires both effort and trust, and thus the development of strategies capable of supporting them in order to avoid surrendering to decline.

Gian Vittorio Caprara teaches Psychology of Emotion and Motivation at "La Sapienza" University in Rome.

I. Motivare: le ragioni dell'agire umano
II. Istinti, emozioni e bisogni
III. Personalità e motivazione
IV. La dinamica dell'azione orientata alla riuscita
V. Le ragioni proprie e quelle altrui
VI. L'importanza di una visione positiva della vita
VII. Sull'agenticità umana
VIII. Promuovere l'efficacia personale e quella collettiva