Cover Muslim Sicily
series "Universale Paperbacks il Mulino"
pp. 240, Brossura, 978-88-15-23779-8
publication year 2012


Muslim Sicily

In light of the region's distinctive features, and especially its unique geography, one can understand how an Islamic invasion of Sicily could come to pass. For two centuries, from the 9th and the 11th century, the island was ruled by Muslims who had wrested it away from the Byzantine Empire. This long dominion came to an end only with the Norman conquest. The Muslim presence was crucial and left indelible signs. This books describes an overview of these signs, thus following in the wake of the many studies on this topic that have blossomed in recent years, involving historians, archaeologists, antique coin collectors, Hebraists, and Arabists.

Alessandro Vanoli has a research scholarship at the Paleography and Medieval Studies Department of the University of Bologna.

I. L'eredità antica: tra Roma e Bisanzio
II. L'islam nel Mediterraneo
III. La spedizione in Sicilia
IV. Il consolidamento del potere
V. La Sicilia aghlabide
VI. I Fatimidi in Sicilia
VII. L'arabizzazione della società siciliana: musulmani e cristiani
VIII. Gli ebrei nella Sicilia musulmana
IX. Il territorio e la sua gestione
X. Le città, gli uomini e i commerci
XI. L'immagine della Sicilia all'epoca dell'islam
XII. La fine della Sicilia musulmana
XIII. La caduta dell'isola
XIV. Musulmani in un'isola cristiana
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