Cover Eastern Asia
series "Universale Paperbacks il Mulino"
pp. 240, Brossura, 978-88-15-14959-6
publication year 2011


Eastern Asia

From 1945 to the Present Day

"Unite your total strength, to be devoted to construction for the future". The closing lines of the speech delivered by Emperor Hirohito when Japan surrendered to Allied forces on 15 August 1945 are the starting point for this book, which reviews the events occurring in the main countries of the area normally labelled "Eastern Asia". Japan's defeat in World War II, in fact, had a major impact on the destinies of the two Koreas, Taiwan, China, as well as, of course, Japan itself. The text explains, in chronological order up to the present day, the historical, political and economic evolution of these countries, including the radical changes that have transformed them into major actors on the world stage.

Antonio Fiori teaches Asian Politics and Institutions at the University of Bologna.

Introduzione. "Fato omnia fiunt": dove tutto ha inizio
Parte prima: 1945-1980. L'Asia si risveglia
I. Occupazione, riforme, sviluppo economico: il volto nuovo del Giappone
II. L'amaro destino della penisola coreana
III. La Cina maoista
IV. La fuga del Guomindang a Taiwan
Parte seconda: 1980-2008. Il grande cambiamento
V. Maturità e crisi del sistema nipponico
VI. L'intensificazione della divisione
VII. La Cina verso la modernizzazione
VIII. Il processo di taiwanizzazione e l'«Unica Cina»
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