Cover Team Building
series "Aspetti della psicologia"
pp. 200, Brossura, 978-88-15-11938-4
publication year 2007


Team Building

Work Group Psychology

The never-ending transformations of market realities and production environments in which organisations operate, new technologies, and the complexities underlying the knowledge and information society entail an increasing need for flexibility and effective communication among individuals and groups having different interests skills and professional abilities within a common business context. Social considerations have become increasingly crucial in human resource management, and work groups are an established productive tool in all organisations. This book supplies an exhaustive analysis of those processes through which work groups develop from single individuals until they form a team. Using brief organisational case histories, the author identifies guide-lines for analysing and managing various areas of group dynamics: rule-building, conflict management, leadership practices, efficiency- and efficacy-enhancing processes, decision-making. His book will prove useful for readers - such as trainers, managers, human resource directors - that need to know how to work with and manage others.

Daniele Malaguti has taught Work Psychology at the University of Bologna and is engaged in training and organisational counselling in the fields of team building and group management.

Prefazione, di Guido Sarchielli
1. Introduzione
2. Strutture di gruppo
3. Norme, cultura di gruppo e socializzazione
4. Conflitto
5. Leadership
6. Efficienza ed efficacia
7. Decisione
Epilogo. Diventare un team
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