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Cover Cognitive Sciences of Language: Foundations and Critical Analysis
series "Manuali"
pp. 312, Brossura, 978-88-15-11303-0
publication year 2006


Cognitive Sciences of Language: Foundations and Critical Analysis

The cognitive sciences of language attempt to investigate how language works, how it interfaces with other cognitive procedures - in ordinary situations as well as in pathological contexts - and if some of its functions can be reproduced artificially. This book introduces the reader to the various areas that contribute to the discipline: philosophy, linguistics, computer science, psychology, biology, and the study of language pathologies. The end result is an integrated account of linguistic phenomena that comprises centuries of thought concerning humans' ability to speak and the most recent scientific discoveries. Cognitive sciences of language offer a new image of the most ancient topic of human study - an image that is consistent with both contemporary experimental science and common sense insights.

Contents: Introduction, by A. Pennisi and P. Perconti. - 1. Philosophy of the Mind, by P. Perconti. - 2. Biology, Language, Evolution, by A. Falzone. - 3. Cognitive Linguistics, by M. Mazzone. - 4. Language and Memory, by A. Velardi. - 5. Neurocomputational Models of Language, by A. Plebe. - 6. Language Pathology and Psychopathology, by A. Pennisi. - Bibliography. - Indexes.

Antonino Pennisi teaches Philosophy of Language at the University of Messina.

Pietro Perconti teaches Philosophy of the Mind at the University of Messina.

Introduzione, di Antonino Pennisi e Pietro Perconti
1. Filosofia della mente, di Pietro Perconti
2. Biologia, linguaggio, evoluzione, di Alessandra Falzone
3. Linguistica cognitiva, di Marco Mazzone
4. Linguaggio e memoria, di Andrea Velardi
5. Modelli neurocomputazionali del linguaggio, di Alessio Plebe
6. Patologie e psicopatologie del linguaggio, di Antonino Pennisi
Appendice: Le tecniche di indagine cerebrale, di Grazia Spitoni, Attilio Rapisarda e Ilaria Minio Paluello
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