Cover Heads of Government
series "Prismi"
pp. 376, 978-88-15-10590-5
publication year 2005


Heads of Government

In the international literature there has never been, until now, a specific, detailed, comparative study of the powers of heads of government. Without such a study, political analysts do not have access to decisive elements for the understanding of the relationship between the heads of government and their ministers, their parliamentary majorities and the institution of parliament as a whole. How does a head of government achieve and lose his position? What powers does he enjoy with regard to the appointment and replacement of ministers? In what ways can he implement his electoral platform? When and how can he exercise his powers to put an end to his own experience, his government's, his coalition's and dissolve parliament? Each of this book's ten chapters examines specific political systems, both semi-presidential and parliamentary in nature, and help the reader better to understand the functioning of contemporary democracies.

Table of Contents: Foreword - 1. Austria: The Chancellor's Central Role, by G. Pallaver - 2. France: The Prime Minister's Many Resources, by A. Di Virgilio - 3. Germany: "Chancellor's Democracy"?, by M. Caciagli - 4. Great Britain: Towards Presidentalisation?, by O. Massari - 5. Ireland: Chairman or Chief?, by D. Giannetti - 6. Israel: An Unsuccessful Premiership, by E. Ottolenghi - 7. Portugal: Governability Achieved, by G. Passarelli - 8. Russia: From the Constitution to the Practice of Politics, by M. Morini - 9. Spain: An Authoritative Head of Government - 10. Sweden: More Powers, but More Competitors?, by D. Poli - Reasonably Comparative Conclusions, by G. Pasquino

Gianfranco Pasquino is Professor of Political Science at the University of Bologna and at the Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center.

1. Austria: La centralità del 3. Germania: una «democrazia del cancelliere»?, di Mario Caciagli
4. Gran Bretagna: verso la presidenzializzazione?, di Oreste Massari
5. Irlanda: «Chairman or Chief?», di Daniela Giannetti
6. Israele: un premierato fallito, di Emanuele Ottolenghi
7. Portogallo: la governabilità conseguita, di Gianluca Passarelli
8. Russia: dalla Costituzione alla prassi politica, di Mara Morini
9. Spagna: un capo di governo autorevole, di Orazio Lanza
10. Svezia: più poteri ma più competitori?, di Davide Poli
Conclusioni ragionevolmente comparate, di Gianfranco Pasquino
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