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Cover The Bible
series "Farsi un'idea"
pp. 144, Brossura, 978-88-15-09682-1
publication year 2004


The Bible

The Bible - the Book par excellence - has thoroughly permeated the history of the West. It has done so both directly, through the double-faced tension between Hebrew and Christian cultures, and indirectly, through its influence on Islam and secular culture. This book's primary goal is to supply a basic introduction to Scripture, describe its rich literary texture, the multi-faceted nature of its contents, the historical phases of its formation, the ways in which it's been interpreted, the great themes embedded in its message, and its key characters. From this perspective, the Bible appears as a religious text that contains the vestiges of many civilisations and cultures; the Book remains a necessary tool for a better understanding of our world.

Piero Stefani is a Bible scholar and expert in Hebrew studies who collaborates with institutions and periodicals devoted to religious information and research.

1. La Bibbia di fronte al suo lettore
2. Forme letterarie e contenuti
3. Come è nata la Scrittura
4. Come viene letta la Bibbia
5. I grandi temi del messaggio biblico
6. Quattro personaggi biblici
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