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Cover An Introduction to Law Economics
series "Itinerari"
pp. 240, 978-88-15-09395-0
publication year 2003


An Introduction to Law Economics

The law entails important consequences for the economy, even though they use different languages. In Anglo-Saxon countries a research approach called "Law and Economics" has been active for many years, whereas in others economic and legal analysis have only recently started to interact. This volume offers a useful introduction to the economic analysis of law and illustrates the economic function of fundamental legal institutions, such as property, civil responsibility, contracts, businesses, sanctions, and judgements. The text adopts a straightforward, simple expository style and employs effective graphic representations.

Contents: Presentation, by A. Petretto - Introduction - 1. Market and Efficiency - 2. Economic Theories of Property - 3. Intellectual Property - 4. Civil Responsibility - 5. Contracts - 6- Enterprise - 7. Law and Finance - 8. Repression of Illegality - 9. Judicial Controversies - Suggested Readings

Luigi Alberto Franzoni teaches Economic Analysis of Law at the University of Bologna.

Presentazione, di Alessandro Petretto
1. Mercato ed efficienza
2. Teorie economiche della proprietà
3. La proprietà intellettuale
4. La responsabilità civile
5. I contratti
6. L'impresa
7. Diritto e finanza
8. La repressione degli illeciti
9. Le controversie giudiziarie
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