Cover Historical Geography of the Ancient World
series "Itinerari"
pp. 176, 978-88-15-09393-6
publication year 2003


Historical Geography of the Ancient World

In a clear and concise manner, this volume introduces the reader to the study of historical geography of the ancient world. Within the context of the Mediterranean, home par excellence of classical civilisations, the author explores the connection between humans and the environment, the appropriation of territory, land and sea communications, modes of resource exploitation, and relationships among peoples, cultures, and economies. The author also describes - through analysis of myths, exploratory travels and knowledge - the perception Greeks and Romans had of Mediterranean regions and, more in general, of the ecumene. Finally, an examination of ancient map representations, the volume addresses models and geographical concepts that helped further understanding of the Earth's surface.

Stefano Magnani teaches Roman History and Historical Geography at the University of Udine.

Parte prima: Il Mediterraneo
1. L'interfaccia tra il mare e gli spazi continentali
2. L'ambiente e le risorse
3. La città e il territorio: il paesaggio
4. Le comunicazioni
5. Mito, percezione e rappresentazione dello spazio mediterraneo
Parte seconda: Géa. Conoscenza e rappresentazione della terra
6. L'esplorazione della terra
7. I modelli: dal disco omerico all'arca dell'alleanza
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