Cover Introduction to Social Psychology
series "Manuali"
pp. 224, 978-88-15-09102-4
publication year 2003


Introduction to Social Psychology

At the beginning of this book the authors emphasise that: "We have constantly reminded ourselves that this is a teaching tool for introducing social psychology to students who have never heard of it before now". The manual's chapter structure reflects a consolidated subdivision of the discipline in fundamental topics: social perception, intergroup relationships, conflict. Each of these general topics is described by examining the core issues in current scientific debate and referring to classic contributions only when they continue to stimulate new research or represent a crucial conceptual reference point. In the portrayal of the outlooks of different schools of thought, the authors have avoided "taking sides" in order to promote the text's function as a study aid.

Stefano Boca teaches Social Psychology at the University of Palermo.

Piero Bocchiaro is a doctoral candidate at the University of Palermo.

Costanza Scaffidi Abate has earned a doctorate and teaches at the University of Palermo.

Presentazione, di Robert A. Wicklund
I. Alcune domande fondamentali
II. Percepire e comprendere gli altri
III. Percepire e comprendere noi stessi
IV. Gli atteggiamenti sociali
V. L'influenza sociale
VI. Percepire i gruppi: dalla categorizzazione alla discriminazione
VII. Il comportamento aggressivo
VIII. Il comportamento altruistico
IX. Il conflitto
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