Cover Thirteen Ideas for Thinking about the Economy
series "Universale Paperbacks il Mulino"
pp. 176, Brossura, 978-88-15-08748-5
publication year 2002


Thirteen Ideas for Thinking about the Economy

In order to understand and interpret everyday economic facts at the national, European and world levels, or even to merely manage our savings in an effective manner, we must possess some basic tools. We cannot afford to ignore terms and concepts such as: markets, prices, money, inflation, productivity, globalization. This text attempts to introduce these concepts in a simple and clear way and to link theoretical issues and solid facts by using many examples drawn from the contemporary economic scene and daily life. Each of the thirteen chapters which comprise the book correspond to a crucial topic, thus forming a small but indispensable technical and cultural toolbox for thinking about the economy.

Luigi Campiglio teaches Economic Policy at the Catholic University of Milan.

1. Il problema economico
2. Mercati, beni ed esternalità
3. I soggetti economici
4. I comportamenti individuali
5. I comportamenti collettivi
6. Corsi e ricorsi economici
7. Il costo opportunità
8. La globalizzazione
9. Il livello dei prezzi
10. Moneta e inflazione
11. Il tasso di interesse
12. La produttività
13. Come vincere le elezioni politiche e far vivere felici i nipoti