Cover Clinical Psychology
series "Manuali"
pp. 208, 978-88-15-08218-3
publication year 2001


Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is not a separate discipline, but rather concerns the direct application of knowledge and methods developed by basic psychology to problems of illness and suffering. By integrating the contributions of psychodiagnostics, psychopathology and psychotherapy and reaching out to psychosomatics and health psychology, clinical psychology operates at various levels and intervenes in different ways, involving individuals (in all age categories: children, adults, senior citizens), couples, families, groups. This handbook is a useful and updated study tool for anybody who is new to the discipline.

Contents: 1. Psychodiagnostics - 2. Clinical Developmental Psychology - 3. Adult Psychopathology - 4. Psychological Problems of the Elderly - 5. Psychosomatics and Health Psychology - 6. Psychotherapy - Bibliography - Indexes.

Ezio Sanavio teaches Clinical Psychology in the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Padua.

Cesare Cornoldi teaches Learning and Memory Psychology at the University of Padua, where he also co-ordinates the Learning Disorders Service.

I. Psicodiagnostica
II. Psicologia clinica dello sviluppo
III. Psicopatologia dell'adulto
IV. Problemi psicologici nell'anziano
V. Psicosomatica e psicologia della salute
VI. Psicoterapia
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