Cover Psychology of Language Development
series "Manuali"
pp. 348, 978-88-15-08093-6
publication year 2001


Psychology of Language Development

Language is a communication system of extraordinary complexity, and yet children learn how to talk in a relatively short time, within the first three-four years of life. This process is an inexhaustible source of wonder and scientific interest. This volume - authored by some of the most distinguished Italian scholars - examines various aspects of language development in both normal and pathological conditions. This manual is not only for students enrolled in language psychology courses, but also for others who work in the field of language (speech therapists, rehabilitation therapists, clinical psychologists, neuro-psychiatrists) and educators and teachers who desire deeper knowledge about the fascinating conquest of language skills.

Contents: 1. Introduction, by L. Camaioni - 2. Development of Pre-Language Communication, by L. Camaioni and P. Perucchini - 3. Speaking to Children Learning to Speak, by E. Longobardi - 4. Lexical Development, by L. Camaioni - 5. Morphosyntax Development, by A. Devescovi and S. D'Amico - 6. Learning to Communicate Effectively, by L. Camaioni - 7. Learning to Understand and Produce Texts, by M.C. Levorato e B. Nesi - 8. Learning Written Language, by D. Brizzolara - 9. Specific Language Disorders, by G. Stella -- Bibliographical References.

Luigia Camaioni teaches Psychology of Language and Communication Development at the "La Sapienza" University in Rome.

1. Introduzione, di L. Camaioni
2. Lo sviluppo della comunicazione prima del linguaggio, di L. Camaioni e P. Perucchini
3. Parlare ai bambini che imparano a parlare, di E. Longobardi
4. Lo sviluppo del lessico, di L. Camaioni
5. Lo sviluppo della morfosintassi, di A. Devescovi e S. D'Amico
6. Imparare a comunicare efficacemente, di L. Camaioni
7. Imparare a comprendere e produrre testi, di M.C. Levorato e B. Nesi
8. Imparare la lingua scritta, di D. Brizzolara
9. I disturbi specifici del linguaggio, di G. Stella
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