Cover Interest
series "Lessico della politica"
pp. 144, 978-88-15-07697-7
publication year 2000

Lessico della Politica is a series of books directed by Carlo Galli. Since its inauguration in September 1999 eleven titles have been published: Constitution, Representation, Liberty, State, Democracy, Tolerance, Revolution, Government, Community and Authority. The aim of this series is to create an essential encyclopedia which by explaining important political concepts and, in particular, their historic evolution provides a non-expert reader with the historical and theoretical rudiments of contemporary politics. The sixth volume of the series is dedicated to the concept of interest, a fundamental and constructive element of politics which has always had an ambivalent nature testified by the opposing meanings of "the fruit of money" and "damages". The authors follow the evolution of this concept from the ancient notion of profit to the notion of interest, passing through the cosmos of interests of the Ancien Rgime, State interest, National interest and the democracy of interests.

Lorenzo Ornaghi teaches Political Science at the Faculty of Political Science of the Catholic University of Milan.

Silvio Cotellessa has a research contract at the Faculty of Political Science of the Catholic University of Milan.

1. Il moderno interesse e l'antica utilità
2. La proteiforme natura politica dell'interesse
3. Interessi frazionali e disutilità collettive
4. L'utilità comune in funzione dell'interesse personale?
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