Cover Community Psychology
series "Strumenti"
pp. 488, 978-88-15-07689-2
publication year 2000


Community Psychology

In recent years, despite the rapid development, Community Psychology has hardly achieved a clearly defined identity. As a matter of fact the notion of community itself recall a wide range of complex and delicate problems relating to citizens' wellbeing, to social work, to welfare policies and services, to political participation. In order to allow the reader to tackle these topics with adequate awareness, this book - inspired not only by social but also clinical research tradition - offers a reliable framing of the discipline, presenting with great clarity its cultural roots, theoretical foundations, methodological approaches and working tools, to both university students and operators on the field. Contents. Foreword. - I. Community Psychology between psychological theory and social practice. - II. Individuality and society. - III. The notion of community between social sciences and ethical-political reasons. - IV. Subject and social work. - V. Elements for a theory of practice. - VI. Individual, territory and community. - VII. The action research as articulation of theory and practice. - VIII. The empowerment between individual and organisation. - IX. Social networks. - X. Welfare state and service work. - XI. Social solidarity as a resource: volunteer work and self-help. - XII. The sense of community. - Bibliographical references.

Piero Amerio is professor of Social Psychology and teaches Community Psychology at the University of Turin.

1. La psicologia di comunità fra teoria psicologica e pratica sociale
2. Individualità e società
3. L'idea di comunità tra scienze sociali e ragioni etico-politiche
4. Il soggetto e il sociale in psicologia di comunità
5. Elementi per una teoria della pratica
6. Individuo, territorio, comunità
7. La ricerca azione come articolazione di teoria e pratica
8. L'empowerment tra individuo e organizzazione
9. Le reti sociali
10. Lo stato sociale e il lavoro nei servizi
11. La solidarietà come risorsa: volontariato e auto-aiuto
12. Il senso di comunità
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