Cover Psychology of Health
series "Aspetti della psicologia"
pp. 264, 978-88-15-07641-0
publication year 2000


Psychology of Health

The psychology of health deals with the analysis of psychological and psycho-social processes relating to behaviour having implications for health. The relevance of this perspective is evident when one considers the changes which have occurred over recent decades as regards the principal causes of sickness and death. Such changes have brought to the fore behavioural factors (for example, in neoplastic and cardio-circulatory pathologies). Consequently the psychology of health has grown increasingly important within the domains of (social, clinical, community) psychology, medicine, and social services. In terms of public opinion, increasing attention is paid to the "culture" of health. This volume is aimed not only at students, but at psychologists, physicians, health personnel, trainers and teachers, as well as anybody who is interested in exploring the contexts and determinants of psycho-physical well-being.

Table of Contents: I. Health and Sickness: Scientific Explanations and Common Sense - II. Psychological and Psycho-social Processes in Health Promotion - III. The Actors - IV. Health Education - Bibliographical References.

Bruna Zani is professor of Social Psychology in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bologna, where she teaches Community Psychology. She also teaches Social Group Psychology at the Clinical Psychology Specialisation School of Bologna.

Elvira Cicognani is a Social Psychology researcher in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bologna. She teaches Interview and Questionnaire Theories and Techniques.

1. La psicologia della salute, aree di ricerca e di intervento
2. Salute e malattia: spiegazioni scientifiche e senso comune
3. Processi psicologici e psicosociali rilevanti per la salute
4. Soggetti sociali e sistemi di tutela della salute
5. Promozione ed educazione alla salute
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