Cover Freedom
series "Lessico della politica"
pp. 160, 978-88-15-07137-8
publication year 1999



This book contains a clear, concise analysis of one of the most complicated, controversial and yet essential concepts of political thought: "freedom". The author - an expert on political and juridical liberalism - gives an historical account of this important notion - devised in the Western world - from its Greek origins to the present day. Its fundamental role from an intellectual, institutional and political standpoint clearly emerges in this book as do its numerous meanings. Applied by all the political ideologies of modern times, the interpretation of this notion is as hotly debated today as ever before.

Mauro Barberis teaches Philosophy of law at the universities of Trieste and Genoa.

1. Libertà e schiavitù
2. Figure della libertà
3. La libertà garantita da leggi
4. La libertà liberale
5. La libertà dei contemporanei
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