Cover Psychology of Sports
series "Aspetti della psicologia"
pp. 324, 978-88-15-06709-8
publication year 1998


Psychology of Sports

The psychology of sports studies human behaviour and the interpersonal dynamics within the context of sports, both recreational and competitive. Studies in this field have grown significantly over the last thirty years and have helped us improve both our knowledge of the psychological aspects tied to sporting phenomena and training techniques and sports instruction methods. For instance, today we know much about the motivations of individuals who engage in sports, athletes' attention processes, how situations of intense competitive pressure should be managed, and factors which favour team cohesion. This volume clearly describes the main bodies of knowledge which have been built up on the topic, without neglecting issues concerning group dynamics and cohesion, trainers' leadership styles, and self-regulation processes required for effective performances.

Alberto Cei works with the Department of Psychology of the Sports Science Institute of the Coni (Italian National Olympic Committee) and is a consultant for various sports federations.

1. I processi motivazionali nello sport
2. Sport e personalità
3. Processi di autoregolazione e livelli di attivazione
4. L'attenzione: dalla teoria all'applicazione
5. Dinamiche di gruppo
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